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Scratch from Scratch is the perfect way to start learning SCRATCH – the exciting programming language from MIT Media Lab, that’s aimed at younger learners. This book is intended primarily for teachers and mentors of children. It is a fully revised book that follows on from an earlier limited edition that was released with an older version of Scratch. It covers the Tools and Skills of Scratch, Computational Thinking and Numeracy from Scratch.

Inside you will find:
- almost 80 short projects presented in an easy, recreational style
- games, animations and short programming challenges
- ideas for teachers, parents and mentors of children in the age group 7 – 14
- a summary and skills check list at the end of each chapter
- sample worksheets for schools, in the Appendix, Numeracy from Scratch
- login for free extra resources for schools

I hope that anyone who uses this book will find it helpful in their computer club or classroom and that it will encourage younger learners to try computer coding for fun.


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